Feature Activities

  • Night Stay

    Once every year we create an event in which we invite our children to stay in our premises and sleepover. The night stays away from the family gives children a great sense of independence and self-confidence.

  • Camel Ride

    At Phonic Toons we keep on working on new and better ways to make children learn their lessons and since we do not want our kids to forget the era before technology took over this world, we have devised a special learning programs to give them a hands-on experience of that bygone era of camel rides and holiday at our relatives place.

  • Christmas Party

    Christmas is one of the biggest festivals for children that also marks starting of New Year celebration, hence we always make this day special for our children and organize various events and activities for kids to take part and enjoy.

  • Pool Party

    Summers are extensive in Jaipur and is also holiday season for kids, hence we organize a pool party once a year for children to take a chill dip and forget their summer blues.

Director’s Message

Teachers are idols for their students from whom they learn and idolize their actions, hence we teachers cannot show favoritism or do any kind of partiality amongst the students. Every child is unique in his/her own way and has their own way of learning. At Phonic Toons we are committed to providing a loving and safe environment to children so that they can blossom to be the best version of themselves.

School Features

  • Learning language through sounds
  • 42 sounds
  • Activity based learning
  • Make children fluent readers in just 45 days
  • Building confidence