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Friendly Atmosphere

Safe and secure environment for kids

Activity based learning

We know that mugging up lessons will not stay very long in a child’s memory and he/she will eventually forget the learning. Hence, we at Phonic Toons believe in activity based learning in which a child learns from his/her experience.

Learning through sounds

We understand that not every child is the same and a lot of kids have trouble in speaking or learning English language. We put in a very meticulous effort with each and every child without showing any favoritism towards any child and make them capable of reading a whole paragraph fluently within just a few months. Apart from language learning we mindfully work on overall personality and confidence of each and every child.

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Friday Field Trips

We believe that genuine learning happens through experience only, this is why we take our classes every Friday in the field to let children experience life and its learnings hands-on. Children love going out for field trips as they think it is their play day and don’t realize that they are learning lessons for life.

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Transport Facilities

We consider it our duty to provide your children a safe and secure environment when they step out of their homes until they reach back safely, hence we take care of your child’s transport as well and see to it that every child comes to us and gets back safe and sound.

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Our School Gallery

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Featured Activities

Night Stay

Once every year we create an event in which we invite our children to stay in our premises and sleepover. The night stays away from the family gives children a great sense of independence and self-confidence.

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Camel Ride

At Phonic Toons we keep on working on new and better ways to make children learn their lessons and since we do not want our kids to forget the era before technology took over this world, we have devised a special learning programs to give them a hands-on experience of that bygone era of camel rides and holiday at our relatives place.

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Christmas Party

Christmas is one of the biggest festivals for children that also marks starting of New Year celebration, hence we always make this day special for our children and organize various events and activities for kids to take part and enjoy.

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Pool Party

Summers are extensive in Jaipur and is also holiday season for kids, hence we organize a pool party once a year for children to take a chill dip and forget their summer blues.

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Our Teachers


  • My child excited to go for classes in Phoonic Toons, and the transformation I have seen in him is commendable.

    Sakshi Sharma

    (, )

  • Shambhavi has become more convenient in school and in social gatherings and it shows, I thank Puneeta Ji and feel blessed to have found Phonic Toons for my child.

    Prajakta Seith

    (, )

  • Teachers used to complain that Aditya doesn’t speak up in the class, even if he knew the answer and now within just 2 months the I am receiving positive feedback in PTAs

    Madhvi Patel

    (, )